Adventurers NFT

Adventurers are your avatar in the Medieval Expedition. Each NFT has unique traits that influence how many resources it can obtain via farming, guarding, and raiding. Adventures can also complete quests to earn rewards in the game.

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The Expedition

The Medieval Expedition is the game field in which NFTs can be staked to enjoy the social and rewarded game. Players can stake their NFTs to earn resources under random events. The resources can be used to improve the gaming experience and get WL and IDO qualifications from our collab.

Road Map

Work in progress, planned projects might change through time

The Dark Age – Mid April 2022

Adventurers reports in Town Center, and they gonna make a living in the Farm.

  1. NFT drop on Ethereum
  2. Medieval Expedition launch and Adventurer are qualified for $FOOD, $WOOD, $STONE, $GOLD
  3. Quests officially launch with REWARDS
  4. House war begins……

The Feudal Age – Late April/May 2022

  • Medieval DAO reaches Feudal age, more NFT characters including scouts thieves will to create a dynamic farming/invading/guarding system that can generate $FOOD tokens in game.
  • New introduced characters require to unlocked by the community to determine their revenue, and more cooperation (sometimes betrayal) are brought to the game.

The Castle Age – 2022 June

Adventurers are ready to demonstrate their influence to other blockchain, and huge Quests are waiting for Adventurers…

  1. More to be released…

The Renaissance – 2023

More to be released…

Meet the team

Founder, dev lead

Founder, the magician

Founder, DAO economist & Game designer

Founder, Full stack Engineer

Founder, Medieval catographer

Art, Head designer